Switching deliveries from vans to cargo bikes is one of the simplest ways for many businesses to reduce emissions

In 2020, our team conducted some interviews with cargo bike companies to find out how businesses can make the switch.

Part 2: Making the change

Has the COVID-response road allocation changes in the City of London been helpful for cargobike freight deliveries? And how do businesses make the change to cargobike deliveries?

In these two videos, Tom Knowles from CWC Environmental speaks to Just Ride the Bike about air quality benefits and making the change.

Part 1: Air Quality benefits

What are the air quality and other benefits of cargobike deliveries, and how can they compete with van deliveries in areas like the City of London?


Part 2: The logistics - non-local deliveries - the storage of freight, and how businesses can make the switch.

They’ve helped people move office, move house, and they even move ‘people’ with their cargo bike taxi service. Find out what cargo bikes can carry these days, in this interview with Pedalme.

Part 1: Find out what they can carry, in this interview with Ben Knowles, CEO of Pedalme. 

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