About Cool World Consulting

Raising awareness for a cleaner future

We specialise in awareness-raising and behaviour change campaigns for local authorities, schools, hospitals and businesses. We also provide carbon footprinting services for businesses - calculating their footprint and advising on how to reduce their environmental impact.

From award-winning air quality campaigns with ambulance drivers and bus drivers, to the first ever low pollution maps designed by kids, for kids, the team at Cool World Consulting is always innovating and creating new ways to engage and change behaviour.


Helping kids breathe cleaner air every day


Carbon Footprints

Helping businesses to reduce their environmental impact

Energy audits

Product carbon footprint

Organisation Carbon Footprint

Carbon reduction plans for businesses


From the Pan-London Idling Action campaign, to training bus and ambulance drivers no to idle, we're raising awareness about how idling is 'fuelish' and exposes you to pollution


Respiratory patients at GOSH create an animation video


All about idling vehicles

Is it illegal? What can I do about it?

Our idling page explains what the regulations say, how the regs are enforced, and what people can to about idling.


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